Bitcoin Tips

Here at DBF Entertainment, not only do we want you to succeed with your career, but we also want to ensure we’re getting you information that will put money in your pocket!

Start with our first affiliate link from CryptoTab! Earn bitcoin while browsing the web. Yes, just that simple, earn pennies on the bitcoin market value passively, by just switching your computer and mobile web browsing app to CryptoTab. So don’t waste time, get on the crypto train and earn money passivelyβ€ΌοΈπŸš€πŸ“ˆ Don’t belive me, just take a look at my screenshot of my CryptoTab:

Taken 3/24/21

Coinbase is the leading platform to purchase your crypto currency. As the leading source, it’s the most viable and trustworthy platform available with a Mastercard debit card. Paving the way for consumers and businesses to utilize crypto currency for daily transactions at the point of sale, is an evolutionary moment and historical mark. With values hitting $60,000 and a market value of $1.1T shows this economic system will not be going away. Now every market isn’t fool proof, but with the proper system surrounding Bitcoin, and the streams of income you can create will literally change your life! Just look at the lifetime rewards I’m earning daily on my portfolio:

Taken 3/24/21

Now imagine consistently adding value to portfolio that is incurring interest daily, sounds like a sound investment doesn’t it? That’s passive income without lifting a finger. The exact meaning of “money making money”, so let’s stop with acting like this isn’t a valid form of currency! Start investing now with Coinbase. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The following step is a very vital step in the process of securing your very own financial freedom! Literally turning yourself into your own lender while creating a savings account that generates passive income as well. Yes, that’s two passive income streams we’re giving away. I mean, why not, it’s free money, who doesn’t like that? Well I’m certainly not stingy and I pray you’ll utilize my link to follow up with this process. Nexo allows you to earn interest up to 12% curerntly. This is a ROI I cannot pass up myself! I’ve been throwing money into my account since I started seeing the daily compounded interest. In less than a month I’ve surpassed $10 in earned interest. Taking this until my retirement, I can’t imagine the growth in thirty plus years. If anything, don’t just take my word for it, actually check this picture out:

Taken 3/24/21

The best part about Nexo is the flexible instant crypto credit lines. As you build a portfolio of crypto in your Nexo account, your credit line is already established based off the balance. Although to secure you have funds to cover your loans, the instant value available for credit varies by each coin. You do have the ability to switch the value of your assets from a savings mode to a credit line allowing more cash available for withdrawal. See below for a description on how the loan value is calculated:

Taken 3/24/21
Taken 3/24/2

Now here is where I bid you well off, onto your new financial journey, with unlimited potential to keep you from having any financial setbacks. As well as establishing a well founded system of two daily interests accruing streams of passive income, along with a digital bank account that will play along the market trends and is backed by $375M insurance by BitGo. Along with governance by members of the platform that have invested into their digital asset directly.

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