Death Before Failure Entertainers

CaliPapi has been passionate about music his entire life, trying his best to create while being a father, having many difficulties balancing out the two. In 2007, his creativity sparked, dabbing in production he learned the fundamentals of song production. Going through the years without an official release, his past and experiences grew weary on his current efforts, delaying any type of production. Then 2013 hits with refreshment, collaborating with another artist, is how Death Before Failure Entertainment Incorporated was started, as a platform to help small names and brands to build a stronger network.

Business relations didn’t last and once again, CaliPapi’s productions were on the back burner, although he had made strides in business. Now we are here, with a long awaited official release from CaliPapi, after many transitions. He’s created a #HollywoodSpotlight with a stage and production team that has excelled his ability to produce his own tune. CaliPapi has been “Reborn”!!!